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Automatic builds

Builds are automatically created when your codebase changes. Securely grant Buildozer access to your code, push code to your repository and we'll automatically create a new signed application build for you and your testers.

Automatic distribution

Once a build is created we automatically distribute the build to testers. Roles define who can test which builds. We can distribute a build via e-mail and via our apps. Builds can be automatically sent to TestFlight, HockeyApp and several other applications.

Git, GitHub & SVN

Buildozer hooks directly into your source repository. We currently support Git (self-hosted, GitHub or BitBucket) and SVN. More version control systems will be added in the future. Good to know: we only store the code temporarily when we create a new build for you, we delete it immediately afterwards.

Build validation

Buildozer will validate each build and tell you if it's app store ready (so you don't have to wait for Apple to tell you your icon is missing after you submit it). On top of that we have our own set of validations to increase the quality of your builds.

Mobile apps

We have developed a set of apps that are available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Testers and developes can use the app to discover and install new builds.

Speed up development

We developed Buildozer to make our lives as mobile developers easier. We've saved a lot of our (and our clients) time by automating our build process. With Buildozer you can speed up your development too, by removing waste and slack and speeding up the develop-build-test feedback cycle.