There's a plan for everyone

No long term contracts. Upgrade at any time, downgrade on a monthly basis.

  • Price / Month
  • Projects
  • Builds / Month
  • Allowed Build Duration
  • History
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Automated Testing
  • Team Support
  • Data Traffic
  • Free

  • Free

  • 1
  • 30
  • 5 minutes
  • 30 days
  • 1GB / month
  • Small

  • $ 25

  • Large

  • $ 179

Try out a free Large plan for one month, no strings attached. Sign up

I need more than large!

Please contact us, we have XL, XXL, Enterprise and custom plans for power users.

Is there a trial account?

Every new account starts with a free trial of the Large plan, so you can try out everything we have to offer. After one month the plan will automatically downgrade to the Free plan.

What's the FUP?

Our 'Fair Use Policy' is based on averages. We don't really want to limit these features but if you have an exceptional app that stresses our resources (e.g. an app with large amounts of static data that we need to download from your repository for each build), then it's no longer 'fair use' and we'll contact you for a solution.


We store releases for a certain amount of time (non-release builds will be cleaned up regularly regardless of your plan). The 'forever' option, like in weddings, is 'for as long as we both shall live'. When you close your account or move to a smaller plan we will clean up after you.

What is the Allowed Build Duration?

Every build consumes resources. If your app is so large or complex that a build takes a long time, you should upgrade to a medium plan, so the resources your app consumes are more in line with the price you pay for the service. That being said, 10 minutes is enough for 95% of the apps.

What is team support?

Team support allows you to add developers and testers. Testers can download your release builds, developers can download any intermediary build.

Any questions about our plans? Get in touch!