Buildozer and iOS8

iOS8 currently contains a bug that prevents users from installing Ad Hoc or Enterprise builds if the app was already installed prior to upgrading to iOS8.

The problem only occurs if the application the user is trying to install has previously been installed on the same device before the iOS8 upgrade. Also it seems that devices that have a developer certificate installed are not affected, but we don't have enough evidence to support this.

Our team has investigated the issue and although the bug cannot be solved completely without Apple fixing the problem, we did implement a workaround, so that Buildozer users running iOS8 can now install apps again.

Technical Details

The workaround consists of changing the app's bundle identifier slightly in the download (itms) manifest (we postfix it with -ios8). This ensures that the device can now install the build. A minor side effect is that during installation the device doesn't know which app it's replacing, so you temporarily see two app icons during installation. The second one disappears when the download completes.

As soon as we notice Apple has fixed the bug, we will reverse the workaround. This may be only when iOS 8.0.1 comes out.

Note that this issue doesn't just affect Buildozer, it may affect any Ad Hoc installation or enterprise app store service. We share the workaround so that other services can work around the issue too.


Thanks to Shura Vermeiren and Michel Burgerhof for assisting in testing various of our workarounds and the StackOverflow community for pointers and hints.

Xcode 6 support

We have been getting the question about supporting Xcode 6 (and the iOS8 SDK) for builds. This will soon be available, we are in final stages of testing the rollout so that we can support iOS7 and 8 SDKs simultaneously for a while.