Third Party integrations

Buildozer can integrate with a number of third party tools. This page contains a list of the current integrations.


We support pushing builds and/or releases to HockeyApp for Android and iOS projects.

Crashlytics Beta

Buildozer can push builds automatically to Crashlytics Beta distribution tool. This can be done either via a trigger in Buildozer's project settings, or if your project contains a Crashlytics 'submit' build phase, you don't need to do anything at all. Note: for Crashreporting no integration is necessary, Buildozer supports Crashlytics crash reporting out of the box without the need to configure anything.


Crittercism is a crash reporting tool. Buildozer can automatically upload debug symbols after every build.


If you use Slack as a communications tool, you can integrate Buildozer via a Slack web hook. Buildozer will report build status and release status via Slack to a channel of your choice.

Custom integrations

Buildozer offers the ability to add a custom webhook to builds or releases. The webhook will post build details to an URL of your choice. This way you can fully script Buildozer.