About Buildozer

Buildozer is a build automation and deployment tool for mobile developers.


You trust us with your code, so security is important to us. We have a security page where you can read all about how we protect your data.

Supported platforms

We currently support iOS, Android and OSX builds. Other platforms are planned for the future. Tell us which platforms you'd like to see us support; we will add new ones based on demand.

Supported source control systems

We support Git (both self-hosted and GitHub) and SVN. We will add other systems based on demand, so let us know which systems you would like us to support.

Inquiries and support requests

Please see our contact page for contact details.

Buildozer Apps

For your convenience, we have created a set of apps you can use to view and install builds. You can get the buildozer apps from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.